2024 Personal Energy Planner

Reclaim Your Energy

Cut Through the Chaos and Make Peace With Your Plans

With a 16-month annual PDF planning calendar with integrated tarot and moon phase planning.

All great planning begins with an idea.

The idea process, however, begins with so many moving parts. Much like kittens. You could keep herding it. Or...

You could create a strategy starting with your energy.  So you could easily plan your projects and events. And enjoy the ease and flow that is fully supported by giving you space to create.

While the 2024 Personal Energy Planner Promo video is still in the works, rest assured it will capture the same essence and insights as the 2023 Personal Energy System Video.

Imagine... the ability to conjure and command your life from your tablet.

A full-year PDF personal planner with integrated moon phases + oracle/tarot spread sheets. Include photos of your favorite oracle/tarot cards with your readings! 


Prep Your Personal Plans

Organize your assorted lists

✔︎ Coordinate your energy systems
✔︎ Prep your intentions
✔︎ Design your action plans
✔︎ Customize and personalize

Unite Tarot/Oracle Readings

Align moon phase energy with your recorded integrated tarot/oracle readings

♣︎ NINETEEN+ Tarot Spread Sheets (+ Moon Phases) with corresponding worksheets
♣︎ TAROT & ORACLE Card Study sheets
♣︎ Tarot Glossary, Reference
♣︎ Tarot Deck List Log Sheet

Create Flow

Balance your energy to maintain momentum.

Monitor and Measure Your energetic states

✔︎ Mindset tools
✔︎ Moon phase planning
✔︎ Elemental Reflections to monitor your progress


Transform Essence Into Form

Foster and Encourage

✔︎ Spellcasting / Recipe Planning Sheets
✔︎ Action Goal Setting Planning
✔︎ Customize sections to integrate journalling and other personal projects
✔︎ Duplicate pages for continuous growth
✔︎ Build, tweak, and iterate your progress


iOS + Android :: Tablet + Print

♣︎ 16-MONTH CALENDAR 2023-2024
♣︎ DATED yearly, monthly, weekly, daily planning
♣︎ MINDSET Tools
♣︎ TWELVE Flexible CUSTOM section to organize your life

✔︎ Wish List
✔︎ Reading List
✔︎ Places List
✔︎ Blank List

🌙 Moon Phase Planning – All eight (8) phases
🌙 Moon Phases noted and linked to tarot spreads within each month

♣︎ NINETEEN+ Tarot Spread Sheets (+ Moon Phases) with corresponding worksheets
♣︎ TAROT & ORACLE Card Study sheets
♣︎ Tarot Glossary, Reference
♣︎ Tarot Deck List Log Sheet

♣︎ Spell Section includes blank spellcasting worksheet

Also included:
✔︎ ELEMENTAL REFLECTION PAGES to monitor your progress
✔︎ EXTRA Note pages (blank, lined, dotted, graph)
✔︎ Question ideas for all spreads
✔︎ Quick reference for major and minor arcana (+Number references)
✔︎ Corresponding element signs

✔︎ 220+ Stickers to customize

This system takes full advantage of the digital experience

The pages are designed with generous space to attach the photos of your cards, write your observations and affirmations.


iOS + Android :: Tablet + Print

– These are instant digital download PDFs that you can use right away!
-You will receive a link to digital downloads upon receipt.
-Feel free to contact me if you have any questions

Works with any PDF annotation app: Goodnotes/Notability/Noteshelf (and other apps that support this function).

-Available for both Apple/iOS & Android.
-Apple & Android users please check your device has a note-taking app that supports hyperlinked PDF to work correctly before purchasing thank you.

What I Know Today:
-Apple/iOS can use Goodnotes or Noteablilty
-Android can use Noteshelf

Color may vary from screen to screen depending on your monitor

-All digital files may only be used for personal use.
-May not be Redistributed, Resold, or Altered.
-Not to be bundled with other promotional items.
-Due to the nature of the product, the item cannot be Returned or Refunded.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I will do my very best to overcome any issues you might have.

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